miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

where the fuck is Carmen Kinsley?

why such a talented pornstar like carmen kinsley left the porn industry so fast? why any stupid agent would let a girl like her go that easy? any good porn studio at least offered her a contract to stay? Well the answers are really clear, no one knows.

The true is that carmen kinsley is going to college, the same college where she was recruited, i think she finished it now, may be working on a boring office job , i bet shes doing that. Can any smart agent go and take her back to the business? I think it would be very easy to tie her up  with some good contract for a few years, should be mentioned in the contract to do anal because she looks to have a very tight anal hole.

Some interwebs rumors are telling to hope for a come back of carmen this 2012. hope thats true because damn she left maany fans waiting for more, specially to see her perfoming some anal.

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